To make a Business Page an Admin of a Group, you must Link it.

  1. Go to Group Settings

  2. Scroll down to Manage Advanced Settings

  3. Click pencil icon for “Linked Pages”

  4. Choose the Business Page you wish to be an Admin of the Group

  5. Refresh Networks in CinchShare, find the group nested under the Business Page section.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you can’t seem to link your page, try the following in Facebook:

Ensure that you have Profiles and Pages allowed to participate in the Group, in the Manage Membership section of the group settings:

If your Group does not show up in CinchShare after a refresh

That means Facebook hasn’t sent us the signal yet that you have added the Business Page. You can wait a few minutes, or manually link the Page to the Group. Here’s how:

  • Go to your CinchShare Networks page and go to your Pages section

  • Click this icon for the Page that the Group was created under

  • If you see the Group in the Groups list, check the box, but if you do not – then click “Url” and add the link of your Group

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