You receive commission in the form of cash payment on the 5th of the month paid to your PayPal as designated on your Affiliate page. You can see what your expected payout is here or by clicking the Affiliate Dashboard icon of the navigation bar in CinchShare.

Don’t have a PayPal account?

Our system is only able to pay commissions via PayPal. In order to receive commission, you can provide any PayPal account you like – even if it’s a friend's! That’s completely up to you.

Expected Payout

Yay! You will receive this amount in your PayPal on the next 5th of the month. These referrals signed up and met the requirement of paying CinchShare three (3) consecutive Monthly Fees or a one (1) time Annual Fee.

Pending Referrals

These people have completed the free trial and are paying CinchShare members that haven’t yet reached the minimum membership length in order to receive commission. In order to receive commission they must pay CinchShare three (3) consecutive Monthly Fees or a one (1) time Annual Fee.

Total Referrals

They clicked your link and signed up! They are in the Free Trial period and have not yet become paying CinchShare members.

From the CinchShare Brand Ambassador Agreement

Affiliate Referral Fees. Affiliate shall earn a referral fee of $10.00 (“Referral Fee”) for each New Customer (as defined below) directed to the CinchShare Site from the Affiliate Site, or other social media site where Affiliate may establish a link, and the New Customer creates a CinchShare Account and pays CinchShare three (3) consecutive Monthly Fees or a one (1) time Annual Fee. CinchShare shall pay Affiliate all Referral Fees owed Affiliate on the 5th day of the month after CinchShare has received and Affiliate has earned such Referral Fees. CinchShare shall pay all Referral Fees to Affiliate through PayPal. In order to be paid a Referral Fee, Affiliate must establish a PayPal account and agree to pay all transaction fees imposed by PayPal. CinchShare will deduct the amount of the transaction fee from the referral fees due Affiliate. A New Customer is an individual who has never been a CinchShare customer, or a returning customer whose subscription has terminated.

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