Instagram Notification Post: First You Schedule, Then You Publish

Use Instagram Notification to schedule Stories posts and multi-photo Carousel posts for Instagram as well as Private and Non-Business Instagram accounts. You will need to have the mobile app downloaded on your phone in order to post this way. Be sure to add the CinchShare app (iOS & Android).

CinchShare will send a push notification at the scheduled time and date of the post from which you will follow prompts to publish the post.

Schedule Instagram Notification posts from any device, including your desktop computer.

1. Start with creating your post.

2. Then select the Instagram Notification account.

3. Set the date and time for notification.

4. Click Schedule Post button.

Note: Make sure to use CinchShare’s TextClips to help manage your Instagram hashtag bundles to quickly add your hashtags to your Instagram posts.

5. Open push notification from CinchShare app

When it’s time for your post to be delivered to Instagram you will receive a notification via the CinchShare app on your mobile device. The CinchShare app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The notification will display the Instagram profile that you had selected when scheduling your post. Open the notification.

6. Scroll down to find and select the Post Now button.

7. The post will open in Instagram – paste post message

Edit or adjust the image using Instagram filters and add your post message.

To add your post message simply press and hold to paste the message into the caption box.

8. Press Share to Post

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