Auto post to your Instagram Feed (or Grid) with CinchShare! It’s easy to get started and start showing up consistently on this super popular social network.

In order to auto-post, you will need to ensure the following for any account you want to auto-post to.

  1. Set your Instagram account to a Business Account and linked to a Facebook Business Page – How to article

  2. Set your Instagram is Public

Here’s how to link your Instagram accounts to your CinchShare account in seconds:

  1. Click Instagram Tab

  2. Click the notification to approve permissions in order to auto-post to Instagram. This will then import your Instagram accounts available to auto-post to.

  3. You will now see the “Instagram Auto” section at the top of your Instagram Networks. Click the heart to Navy Blue in order to schedule to the Network. And you’re all set!

Instagram does limit the type of content that can be auto-posted. You may schedule the following types of content to Instagram Auto:

  1. Single photo post.

  2. Video post under 1 minute in length.

Both the photo and a video must fit within the following Instagram size and ratio. Ratio must be 1:1 (square) or 1.91:1 (wide rectangle) or 4:5 (tall rectangle).

In order to schedule a multi-photo post (carousel post), you will need to schedule it to an Instagram Manual account at this time.

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