We are super proud at CinchShare to be an exclusive scheduler that offers scheduled posts and stories to Facebook timeline news feeds. CinchShare makes it so easy to schedule your Facebook timeline posts and stories harnessing all the amazing time-saving features on both desktop and mobile devices.

  1. To get started make sure you have installed the CinchShare mobile app from your app store and signed into your account. Also, make sure that you have the Facebook app installed on your mobile device.

    CinchShare Apple App Store Link

    CinchShare App Store Link
  2. Navigate to the My Networks page in your CinchShare account at https://app.cinchshare.com/Account/Networks.

  3. Your Facebook account should already be connected to CinchShare and displayed. Click the teal heart next to your timeline in order to select it as a favorite network. The teal heart will turn navy. Favorite networks are the networks that you will be selecting from when scheduling your posts and are displayed on the My Networks page with a navy heart.

  4. With your timeline selected as a favorite, return to the Schedule a Post page and create your post content, select the date and time that you would like for the post, select your timeline as the destination network by clicking the checkbox next to your profile name, and then click the Schedule Post button.

  5. When it is the date and time of your scheduled post, you will receive a notification on your phone. Click the notification or open the CinchShare app manually. Your screen will display your scheduled post.

  6. Click the Post Now button and follow the prompts on your screen to share your post to your profile’s news feed.

  7. The Facebook app will open and if your post included an image, that image will automatically be loaded for you. If you post had a message, that message was copied to your device’s clipboard. Press and hold to paste your post’s message.

  8. Click the Post button.

Scheduling your Facebook Timeline Post

Scheduling Post to Facebook Profile Timeline

Posting your Scheduled Post (Android)

Post To Facebook Profile Timeline Android

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