You can upload up to 100 photos for a Facebook multi-photo post with CinchShare! Scroll down for step by step written instructions.

To schedule a multi-photo post, click the camera icon.

You can add photos multiple ways!

1. Import by pasting the URL in the URL box at the top

2. Drag and drop multiple photos into the loading area

3. Upload

4. Select images from your CinchShare account from any folder including History, Pending, Saved and even the CinchShare Content Library!

Add Facebook Post message for each image: After uploading multiple photos, you may choose to add a unique caption to be included with each of the photos (will show when uploading to Facebook).

Rearrange order of images: You can also click and drag the number of each photo to reorder it in the list. If you choose to remove a photo, click the red “x” on the right side. Once you are done adding photos and captions, click “Update Post” to save your multi-photo changes and to finish scheduling your post.

Maximum photos allowed in a multi-photo post by network:

Facebook – 100

Instagram Feed & Stories – 10

Twitter – 4

LinkedIn – 9

Once you add multiple photos, the multiple-photo button will display the number of photos you have in that post. The pic in this example has 12 photos.

The number of photos will also show on the pending post once it’s fully scheduled.

Posts with multiple photos will also show on your Manage Posts page with the number of photos in that post. This is an example of a post in your CinchShare history with the multiple-photo icon showing 12 photos.

When your post with multiple photos is expanded on the Manage Posts page, you will see the number of photos shown, the networks your post was scheduled to, the post message (if applicable), as well as all of the photos and captions.

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