One of the most powerful features found in CinchShare is the Batch Post feature. Batch post allows you to repost a collection of posts to your social feeds in seconds and is super helpful for reposting Facebook Parties or your evergreen social campaigns. In this example we have a previous collection of 9 posts that were delivered every 15 minutes and we are going to reschedule them to go start delivery to a new Facebook group at 5 p.m. and we are going to have the interval or time between each post delivery match how they were originally delivered.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Posts page in your CinchShare account at

  2. Select your collection of posts from your pending or history by clicking the checkbox in the top right corner of each post. Selected posts will have a red highlighted border.

  3. Select the Batch Post menu option by clicking the menu in the upper right corner of your screen. Tip: The number of selected posts will be indicated next to the Batch Post menu option.

  4. The Batch Post page will then open. Select the date and time for the delivery of your first post.

  5. The Keep Interval option will already be selected and press the Apply Interval button. Tip: If you do not see the Keep Interval option, that is due to the fact that you selected your posts from a saved folder and saved posts do not have a previous date and time associated. In that case you will need to specify a New Interval for your batch.

  6. You will see each post get a date and time assigned according to the previously scheduled interval.

  7. Select the network(s) that you would like your posts to be delivered to and press the Schedule Batch button.

CinchShare Batch Posting Keeping Interval Time Between Posts

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