In this example I will demonstrate the power of batch post. Batch posting allows you to select multiple posts from your saved, pending or history and reschedule them in seconds.

Batch Posting From Saved Folder

  1. Navigate to the Manage Posts page in your CinchShare account at

  2. Select two or more posts from your saved, pending or history. You can select each post by clicking the checkbox in the upper right hand corner of each post or you can use the Select All option in the drop down menu. Selected posts will have a red highlighted border. In this example I have opened a saved folder that has nine posts that I would like to schedule to be delivered to my Facebook group every 15 minutes starting a 5:00 p.m. I selected all nine using the Select All menu option.

  3. After you have finished selecting your posts, click the drop down menu and select the Batch Post menu option. Tip: The number of selected posts will be displayed next to the Batch Post menu option.

  4. The Batch Post page will open with all of your selected posts in order vertically from the first to be delivered at the top, to the last at the bottom.

  5. Select a date and time for the first post in the batch to be delivered.

  6. If you selected posts from your pending or history, you will see the Keep Interval option below the calendar. In this example I chose graphics from the saved CinchDrive so I must assign an interval of time between each of the posts. I have entered 15 minutes as the time delay between the delivery of each post.

  7. Press the Apply button to confirm your date/time and interval selection. You will see the actual date and time of each post populate where you can now manually adjust to a greater specificity if you wish.

  8. Select the network you would like to have the batch to be delivered.

  9. Press the Schedule Batch button.

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