Using the Find/Replace feature while scheduling a batch of posts allows you to quickly alter the post messages in your batch. In this example I am using the Find/Replace feature to search for text that I embedded into a set of posts in order to re-purpose the posts for a different party. I’ll be finding the text “{{host name}}” and replacing it with “Jessica” and finding “{{party link}}” and replacing it with ““.

  1. On the batch page, first make sure that you have selected a start date and time for your batch and have applied an interval. Tip: Click here to open the batch post tutorial.

  2. Click the binoculars icon at the top of your batch posts to open the Find / Replace popup.

  3. A preview of each of your selected posts will open in a popup on your screen. Enter the text that you would like to find in the first box and also enter the new text that you would like to have the found text replace in the second box and press the Search button.

  4. A side-by-side result for each post will display showing the found text in the original post message (displayed in red) and a preview of how the replaced post message will read with the new text (displayed in yellow).

  5. If you are happy with the results of the find and replace, scroll to the bottom of the popup window and press the Update Posts button and your changes will be applied.

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